Is Responsive?

Not Responsive/mDot

as of A Responsive Website Check

The use of mobile devices such as phones and tablets are today widely used to surf the web and this trend is growing at an incredible rate, however not all websites are really optimized for said devices.

Let's see how is optimized for mobile devices: Screenshots Beta!

Note: A Broken Screenshot and a Low PageSpeed score are symptoms of server issues, big images or non standard coding: this can seriously affect negatively your visitor user experience. Resizing images, upgrading your server, switching from Flash to HTML5 or migrating your website to a faster and reliable hosting provider may help your website to attract more visitors and to avoid loss of engagement. User engagement affect your ranking.

Desktop View

Based on a 1600x900 desktop resolution. Click to Zoom the image.

Mobile View Overview

Verdict has Not Responsive/mDot coding technology


Need Improvement




PageSpeed Mobile provided by GoogleTM


This website is not mobile optimized, in the near future Google as well other search engine will penalize sites that are not mobile friendly.

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Powerful Idea, Unique Tool Responsive Design Tool, Responsive Website Tool

From an idea of 2013, this is the First Online Tool that Analyze a site structure and css in order to show if a website is responsive or not, without the hassle of using iFrames! Just Google for similar tools, all the others will merely show iFrames of your website in different sizes but that doesn't mean that you can understand if a website is responsive or not. Furthermore other tools cannot tell you if it's mDot/Software Switch and if it's optimized for a broader range of devices. All the others are just clones.

Always Available Responsive Design Tool, Responsive Website Tool

Nothing to install, nothing to pay. A lot of "nothing" that actually will give you way more. Following the ChkMe philosophy, we will always give you a free report!